Chiara Benzi (born on April 1st, 1994) is an Italian artist who is interested in different means of expression, including photography and video. Visual Arts have always fascinated her. As much in video as in photographic practice, her interest is centered on the idea of movement in space and time. She uses disorientation to detach familiarity from what we see. She observes, investigates and interprets using a certain visual sensitivity. Chiara’s photographic practice brings together analogical archival material and digital manipulation, sifting through past and present artifacts, interacting with and re-interpreting the imaginary she encounters. Her work is all about experimentation.

Drama, Art and Music Studies at the University of Bologna.
She has taken several photography courses at Spazio Labo’ and an advanced one with Fulvio Bugani (World Press Photo 2015).
Currently living in Bologna, Italy.

CV under request.


For any information or collaboration proposal: chiarabenzi3@gmail.com

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